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Doc. # Subject Date
1-2533309631 Necessary Programming Changes as Advancing to Advantech DAQNavi 4.0 2019-07-17
1-3028930418 First Step in Using Advantech DAQNavi Example 2019-05-16
1-2307871831 How to Use Advantech DAQNavi C++ Example In Linux 2018-06-14
1-3381795781 The parameter “Section Count” in DAQNavi SDK is to set the number of acquired buffers in the analog 2018-03-15
1-2522883081 Export or Import Board Configuration in Advantech DAQNavi 4 2016-08-11
1-2461633551 StreamingAI Setting Parameters in Advantech DAQNavi framework 2016-05-17
1-2263665119 NPN or PNP sensor type with Advantech DAQ DI function 2015-10-08
1-2236847790 Minimize Noise when Measuring Analog Signal using Advantech DAQ Card(DIFF mode) 2015-09-18
1-115292318 How to set single-ended mode and differential mode in the programs? 2012-07-25
591-2487941 Why does the Advantech Device Manager read values in AI channel without inputting signal 2012-07-25

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