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Doc. # Subject Date
1-4060381745 AIM-35_SOP of assembly MSR+BCR Reade 2020-01-17
1-4060381731 AIM-35_SOP of refresh BIOS of Closing MCU on Windows 10 Desktop 2020-01-17
1-3634681945 AIMx5 How to install Mirco SD and SIM card 2018-12-24
1-3634681886 AIM series update BIOS SOP 2018-12-24
1-3611638340 AIM Barcode Module(Add on module) install guide 2018-12-24
1-3535759421 AIM35_Quick Startup_Manual_v1.9 180717_6061B1202801 2018-08-24

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