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Related Product ADAM-5000/TCP-BE / ADAM-5000L/TCP-AE / ADAM-6015-BE / ADAM-6017-BE / ADAM-6018-BE / ADAM-6022-AE / ADAM-6024-AE / ADAM-6050-BE / ADAM-6051-BE / ADAM-6052-BE / ADAM-6060-BE / ADAM-6066-BE
Connect ADAM-5000/6000 Module by TCP in Utility
Solution :
In this document, we will demonstrate how to connect ADAM-5000/6000 module by TCP protocol in Adam/Apax .NET Utility. Since the search function in utility using UDP protocol which may be supported in some application.
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Connect ADAM-5k6k Module by TCP in Utility.pdf (Connect ADAM-5000/6000 Module by TCP in Utility) 2012-02-08
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