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Date Updated 08-15-2006 Date Created 08-15-2006
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Related Product ADAM-6015 / ADAM-6017 / ADAM-6018 / ADAM-6050 / ADAM-6051 / ADAM-6060 / ADAM-6066
Solution :
[Description]: can you provide me with the latest firmware for the ADAM-6066 which can be used with Java version 1.5?

[Solutions]: Unfortunately, for all ADAM-modules there is no firmware for JVM 1.5. And in short time there is no schedule for this version. Because next year, there will be big modification for ADAM-6000 series, by the time, the JAVA function will be similar to the ADAM-6K wireless and it will not depend on what kind of JVM version. Right now, as long as JVM 1.4 is working fine, it should be just like that way.

Probably it should be release sometime next Q2. Please let me know if there is further request.
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