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What is the wiring setup if I need the ADAM-6060/ADAM-6051 DI to show the output of a PLC, and it ha
Solution :
You should be very careful using the ADAM-6060 or ADAM-6051 for this kind of “wet contact”.
The wiring can be setup like this, but it will need to have a resistor to protect the wiring. Since the resistor in the internal wiring is only 1k Ohms, it can only hold 1/8-watt. With this kind of configuration, it will need a Resistor around 2k ~ 3k. Otherwise, the ADAM-6052 would be the better choice for this application. The design of ADAM-6052 is different from ADAM-6060 or ADAM-6051, in that the power input can run in both directions and there is no need to wire the external resistor.
Please refer to the attached file to connect a simple wiring to test relay and DI for ADAM-6060. You may set the relay as a pulse output and the DI as a counter in the ADAM-5K/ TCP, 6K utility. Generate a continuous pulse train from the relay and count the pulses from the DI to self-test the ADAM-6060.
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