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How to set up ADAM-5000/CAN with PCL-841 under CANopen protocol?
Solution :
The following message is the installation procedure for ADAM-5000/CAN under the CANopen protocol.

1. Use one PCL-841 and one ADAM-5000/CAN with 4 ADAM-5000 I/O modules. Connect the CAN_L and CAN_H of the PCL-841 to the CAN_L and CAN_H of the ADAM-5000/CAN. Also connect a power supply with non-regulated voltage +10V to +30V to the V+ and V- of the ADAM-5000/CAN.

2. Configure the PCL-841 at the address DA00 and IRQ of the port 1 is at IRQ5.

3. Setup ADAM-5000/CAN at node ID 03h (bit 1 & 2 is on, bit 3 to bit 6 is off). Communication speed is set to 125 Kbps (bit 7 is on and bit 8 is off).

4. Insert the PCL-841 to the ISA bus of the host PC and power on your PC and ADAM-5000/CAN. Then execute the CANOPEN.EXE.

5. Under the CANOPEN utility, please do the following configuration: Segment -> DA00, Irq -> 5, Port -> 1, Baudrate -> 250K.

6. After setup over, choose "Search" to begin to find the ADAM-5000/CAN device.

7. If the configuration is the same with the settings on PCL-841 and ADAM-5000/CAN and not conflict with other device, this utility will show a dialog box with the ADAM-5000/CAN device at address 03h and you can select the device from "exist node" to show the I/O modules on this device. Then you can select these modules to enter the setup menu for the advanced I/O module setting.

Note: When users want to use CANOPEN.EXE to configure the ADAM-5000/CAN, they need to make sure the firmware inside the ADAM-5000/CAN is the CANopen protocol.
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