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How to set up ADAM-5000/CAN with PCL-841 under DeviceNet protocol?
Solution :
The following message is the installation procedure for ADAM-5000/CAN under the DeviceNet protocol.

1. Use one PCL-841 and one ADAM-5000/CAN with 4 ADAM-5000 I/O modules. Connect the CAN_L and CAN_H of the PCL-841 to the CAN_L and CAN_H of the ADAM-5000/CAN. Also connect a power supply with non-regulated voltage +10V to +30V to the V+ and V- of the ADAM-5000/CAN.

2. Configure the PCL-841 at the address DA00 and IRQ of the port 1 is at IRQ5.

3. Setup ADAM-5000/CAN at node ID 03h (bit 1 & 2 is on, bit 3 to bit 6 is off). Communication speed is set to 250 Kbps (bit 7 is on and bit 8 is off).

4. Insert the PCL-841 to the ISA bus of the host PC and power on your PC and ADAM-5000/CAN. Then enter the DNU.EXE.

5. Choose "Network" under the DNU utility. Then do the following configuration:
MACID -> 0, Baudrate -> 250K, Port -> port 1, Segment -> DA00, Irq -> POLL or IRQ5.

6. After setup over, make the "Status" from "OFF_LINE" to "ON_LINE", then choose "Search" to begin to find the ADAM-5000/CAN device.

7. If the configuration is the same with the settings on PCL-841 and ADAM-5000/CAN and not conflict with other device, this utility will find the ADAM-5000/CAN device at address 03h and you can select "Setup" to enter the setup menu for the advanced I/O module setting.

Note: "MACID" is the node ID for the host PC, it should be independent in the ADAM CAN network.

Every time before changing the configuration of the DNU utility, user needs to make the "Status" become "OFF_LINE" first.

When user wants to use DNU.EXE to configure the ADAM-5000/CAN, they need to make sure the firmware inside the ADAM-5000/CAN is the DeviceNet protocol.
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