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Date Updated 07-27-2005 Date Created 07-27-2000
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Related Product PCL-849 / PCL-858
Why the communication is failed at 921.6Kbps baudrate of PCL-849?
Solution :
Actually, the baudrate of communication is higher, then the possibility of communication failure is higher, too. If you insist on transmitting data with high speed, there are something you must pay your attention to:

1. Flow control:
You'd better use flow control such as RTS/CTS or XON/XOFF to control the speed of passing data. It is possible to happen that the transmitter sends data faster than the receiver reads the data, then the overrun error will be appeared, that means you could lose some data during the communication. You are recommended to use flow control to avoid this situation.

2. Cable material:
The quality of communication depends on the quality of cable material. We suggest you'd better adopt STP (Shielding with Twisted Pair, 28 or below AWG) wire to build the communication network for high speed application. Besides, you are recommended to connect the shielding of the cable to ground in order to avoid the interference.

3. Cable length:
It is without saying that the communication distance depends on the baudrate. If you use the highest speed (921.6Kbps) to communicate, the effective distance we can assure is up to 1 meter only. Please make sure the communication distance is less than 1 meter.

4. Error Check:
If you intend to develop the program with 921.6Kbps baudrate by yourself, you'd better add error check function in your program to make sure the data transmitted is correct.
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