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Date Updated 07-27-2005 Date Created 07-27-2000
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Related Product ADAM-5000/CAN / PCL-841
The relationship between baudrate and BTR0/BTR1 of ADAM-5000/CAN?
Solution :
We use BTR0 and BTR1 to set the baudrate, the following is the corresponding table:

20Kbps : BTR0 = 0x0F, BTR1 = 0x7F
125Kbps : BTR0 = 0x03, BTR1 = 0x1C
250Kbps : BTR0 = 0x01, BTR1 = 0x1C
500Kbps : BTR0 = 0x00, BTR1 = 0x1C
1 Mbps : BTR0 = 0x00, BTR1 = 0x14

Actually, you can use "monitor.exe" which comes with PCL-841 Utility Disk to calculate BTR0/BTR1. The procedure is shown as follows:
1. Execute monitor.exe under DOS environment
2. Under [Config] label, select the baudrate you want to transfer to BTR0/BTR1
3. Press [ESC] key to terminate the setting window
4. Read BTR0/BTR1 values in the right frame
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