Document No. 1-0000125
Date Updated 07-27-2005 Date Created 07-27-2000
Document Type FAQ Related OS
Related Product MIC-2630 / PCL-841 / PCM-3680
How to make MIC-2630 CANPortOpen work under Windows NT?
Solution :
Step1: Please check Memory address and IRQ settings of your CAN card first, if the settings are wrong or conflicted with other devices, you would get into trouble when you open your CAN port. Therefore, please make sure CAN card's Memory address and IRQ settings are not occupied by other device under WinNT diagnostic window.

Step2: Please go to BIOS setting to make sure the IRQ you want to use on CAN card sets as ISA under "PNP and PCI setup"

Step3: Run example program such as 841M.EXE to check CAN port is ok for open. After that, you can see PCL-841 is appeared under WinNT diagnostic window.

Error code of CANPortOpen 0 => Success, 1 => Fail
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