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Date Updated 11-03-2004 Date Created 07-27-2000
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Related Product MIC-2610 / PCL-740 / PCL-741 / PCL-743 / PCL-745 / PCL-746+ / PCL-749 / PCL-840 / PCL-849 / PCM-3610 / PCM-3612 / PCM-3640
How to install ISA ICOM card under OS/2?
Solution :
Because OS/2 doesn't support IRQ sharing. you'd better set different IRQ for each port. There's no special COM port driver for OS/2, so you can use default device driver "COM.SYS" to add extra COM port by edit CONFIG.SYS like the following example:

DEVICE=C:\OS2\COM.SYS (3,03E8,5,d,t) (4,02E8,10,d,t)

This line will set up COM3 at IO 3E8 IRQ 5, and COM4 at IO 2E8 IRQ 10.

COM => comm port number ( 1 to 4 )
Address => base address of comm port
IRQ => interrupt setting for comm port, make sure no conflict with other devices
BAD_INT => what to do while bad interrupt
i => ignore
d => disable this comm port
p => post to application
FIFO => comm port supports FIFO or not
t => true
f => false
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