Document No. 1-0002854
Date Updated 07-27-2005 Date Created 07-27-2000
Document Type FAQ Related OS
Related Product PCL-841
How to work PCL-841 with VC++?
Solution :
We have developed the 32-bit DLL driver for PCL-841. And you can program your code directly with VC++ directly, and users do not have to transfer the DOS program to VXD by themselves.

After installing the 32-bit DLL driver in the CD, you can find series of example in 'c:\program_file\advantech\adsapi\EXDevNet\', and within which the '841M' is to demonstrate how to use DLL driver for PCL-841. And the other examples are to work with ADAM-5000 CAN DeiviceNet firmware. If you want to know more about the 841M example, you can refer to the FAQ database about PCL-841 on the web site to get further information.
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