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Date Updated 11-11-2004 Date Created 07-27-2000
Document Type FAQ Related OS
Related Product IPPC-920 / IPPC-950 / PCL-746+ / PCL-849 / PPC-120 / PPC-140
Why the PCL-746+ and PCL-849 can't work under PPC-140?
Solution :
Due to some mainboards which inside the PPC don't provide the -12V to the riser card, so the RS-232 mode of PCL-746+/PCL-849 CAN NOT WORK. Please do confirm the BIOS version of PPC to clarify the doubt. Only the version 2.21, 2.22 and above have offer the -12V to the riser card. You can find the information while power on the PPC.

If you do meet such problem, you can order the -12V convert kit (P/N : 9692-001-000, PPC-001) to overcome this problem.
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