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Date Updated 02-26-2020 Date Created 11-28-2019
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WISE-2410-EA / WISE-2410-NA / WISE-4610
Java Script Payload Parser
Solution :
PayloadParser for raw data of WISE-2410 and WISE-4610 series. It would be helpful if a user is using 3rd party LoRaWAN gateway.
A user can choose to use the program on JavaScript or Node-Red.

// If Program is run in NodeRed
var bIsRunNodeRed = true;

// If Program is NOT run in NodeRed
var bIsRunNodeRed = false;
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FrameDataParserWiseLoRaModule_V1.3.4.docx 2020-05-18
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PayloadParser.js 2020-07-10
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