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WISE-4050 Firmware
Solution :
Firmware for WISE-4050
※Please note that once you upgrade FW into A2XXBXX, it cannot be downgraded back to A1XXBXX.
※Please note that all of the I/O log will be cleared after upgrading the FW into A2XXBXX successfully, but system log will remain.

New function:
◎Add Gratuitous ARP
◎Add iSensing-MQTT plug-and-play.
◎Add send data to WISE-PaaS, M+
◎Add coreTask watchdog
◎Add reboot interval.
◎Add BSSID lock setting

Fix bug:
◎SNTP, DNS bug
◎Cloud function bug
◎P2P bug
◎Change the wireless reconnection mechanism
◎Restrict all type of connection with max.3; the 4th keeps for RESTful
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