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Date Updated 12-23-2019 Date Created 11-16-2015
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ASMB-781 / ASMB-786 / ASMB-813 / ASMB-822 / ASMB-822I / ASMB-823 / ASMB-823I / ASMB-913 / ASMB-922 / ASMB-922I / ASMB-923 / ASMB-923I
BMC Firmware for ASMB-781G4/786G4/822i/813i/823i/922i/913i/923i
Solution :
1. This BMC Firmware is for ASMB-781G4/786G4/822I/813I/823I/922I/913I/923I only.
2. Please use Internet Explorer if you need to update firmware using web UI.
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ASMB781-20180810-Rev171708.ima 2019-01-23
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