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Doc. # Subject Date
1-2126836107 FAQ_The password for administrator to login WES7P OS 2019-11-28
1-3477935601 FAQ_How to fix EWF error after using Ghost to recover WES7 image? 2019-05-13
1-2077531695 FAQ_How to install Win7 32 bit on SPC-xx40 when error occurs 2017-12-05
1-2114678871 FAQ_How to install GL tool BAR on SPC-xx40 when it shows this is not a valid Advantech platform 2017-12-05
1-2024026793 FAQ_How to rotate the screen in TPC under Windows7 2017-12-05
1-2024231364 FAQ_How to do COM port loopback test on TPC-1840WP under Linux 2017-12-05
1-2026345383 FAQ_How to solve the problem that SPC will get blurred sometimes after waking up from standby 2017-12-05
1-2085760965 FAQ_How to disable right click function for SPC-xx40WP and TPC-xx40WP under Windows7 2017-12-03
1-2024231251 FAQ_How to calibrate the screen color, contrast, brightness, gamma in Win7 2017-12-01
1-2875878164 FAQ_How to reset the home key back to default setting in GLtool bar 2017-12-01

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