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Doc. # Subject Date
CERT-09-0002470 (FCC) ADAM-4570; ADAM-4571; ADAM-4572; EKI-1511; EKI-1512 2015-08-11
12030856-a5f2-4841-ace5-cc9d94efdc9e ADAM-4570_FCC 2014-09-17
417f197b-e8d0-4ba2-b0ca-1a2da367d415 ADAM-4570_CE 2014-09-17
2c5bcc71-9da9-4f44-aea5-44f626afb333 ADAM-4570L_FCC 2014-09-17
9fed283f-3616-44ed-8c9a-dae50690d41e ADAM-4570L_CE 2014-09-17
1-6H131 ADAM-4570 test report with Mitsubishi A type PLC 2002-01-09

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