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Doc. # Subject Date
1-2120401054 Which ADAM Module Support Remote IO Function via RS-232 2020-06-22
1-2072534112 ADAM-40XX and ADAM-41XX_The function of termination resistor 2017-05-16
1-109187358 The max distance for 422/485 communication? 2017-03-20
1-117033161 How can transfer data from RS-485 to RS-422? 2017-01-09
591-2485837 Using Basic Script in ADAMView to Open a COMport to Send ASCII Commands 2012-07-25
1-127739051 Wiring for echo functions in ADAM-4520 (RS-232 to RS-485) 2007-03-06
1-119994696 What is the serial data format of ADAM-4520/4510? 2006-09-11
1-117804555 Can ADAM- 4K I/O modules work without ADAM-4520? 2006-08-17
1-117804481 Trouble shoot for ADAM 4520 2006-08-15
1-0003093 How we can configure a net to work with ADAM-4520 in 422 and more than one receiver? Do you have som 2006-08-14

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