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Edge AI SRP for Roadside Monitoring
AI technology is helping to improve transportation sector with greater detection accuracy and real-time responsiveness to reduce congestion and enhance safety. Advantech ESRP-LPR integrates Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU and edge AI suit, which includes pre-trained models, Intel OpenVINO™ toolkit, SQL server and edge management software for .....
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2018 Embedded Linux & Android Ready Arm Solutions
Arm Technology is leading the revolution in the IoT era due to its cost effectiveness and compact size. Back in 2010, there were a diverse variety of hardware platforms and software services available to the embedded market which made platform unification …..
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WISE-PaaS- Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence with a Collaborative Ecosystem
Advantech offers WISE-PaaS as the Data Platform with Edge Intelligence to provide device-to-cloud solutions targeted at solution developers to co-create IoT industrial applications integrated as Solution Ready Packages, which speeds implementation and time to market.
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Industrial Grade IoT Security Solutions
● Industrial-grade centralized security management ● Full mirror image backup and recover ● Real-time malware threat prevention ● Simplified dashboard for analytical reports
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Fanless Embedded Computers
Advantech ARK IoT-driven Service Innovations Systems are designed to provide rapid configurable modular design for industrial embedded IoT applications. We provide more than just I/O customization services, but also a selection of innovative software packages including Advantech WISE-PaaS, cloud services, and AI analytics suite.
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Embedded IoT Solution for Intelligent Automation
To fulfill industrial automation requirements, Advantech Embedded IoT offers wireless modules, sensing nodes, motion cards, and systems for data collection and analytics at the network edge to enable monitoring and control in real time.
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