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Railways and Beyond: Reliable Computing Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Advantech’s EN 50155, EN 45545, and IEC 60571 ARS series are railway standards certified, which guarantees the high levels of shock and vibration resistance that enhances their operating longevity.
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IRS-3610 Intelligent Rugged Box PC with 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
IRS-3610 Advantech’s Rugged Solutions Deliver Guaranteed Reliability
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Keeping Rail Journeys Safe and Pleasant
With a growing global population, the need for intelligent transportation also grows. Railway networks, as well as other ground transportation, are adopting information technology at an incredible pace in order to serve the needs of an interconnected world. Advantech has long been devoted to designing computing solutions specifically for rolling stock–ARS series, solutions with enhanced reliability that make for safe, efficient journeys for passengers and goods alike.
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